Training Event 1st December

We ran a series of training events on December 1st as part of our staff training day. It was our first foray into hosting events under the Chartered College banner – we became a regional hub for the CCT early on in the academic year.

We hosted about three different events on the day.

Number 1 was our “Becoming a Research-Informed Teacher” session where we established the Rugby and midlands¬†research community. Here is a picture of the flyer:

Becoming Research-Informed flyer

We gathered about 25 teachers and spent 3 hours with training led by Shirelands research school. Here are some of the scenes:

Becoming Research-Informed

Research and marking tweet

While this was taking place we also hosted training in drama led by the legendary Karen Latto:


And then while this was happening we also hosted several schools’ English departments to share planning while receiving training from Grainne Hallahan of #teamenglish fame and Chris Peirce, the Head of English at Ashlawn:

English flyer

Overall it was very well received as other departments also focused their time on subject-specific improvement. I’ve had time to look back on this day now and was really pleased to read this article in the TES today on schools with low achievement not focusing their CPD time on subject-specific training:


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