Research ED Rugby 2017

I’ve been meaning to write this post for.. about 6 months!

Together with colleagues and the good offices of rED representatives I was responsible for organising researchED Rugby in 2017. It was a very well received event, by all accounts, although for me it was something of a whirlwind and I found it quite difficult to work out if it was a success! I’m putting that down to a sort of mistrust of self-reporting bias. Although if you have ever built up to something over a period of months and it is all over in the space of a few hours you will probably know what I mean. It is hard to not experience it all as quite “out-of-body”.

We were very fortunate to have such a range of brilliant speakers who gave their time for free. Without such high-quality people contributing there couldn’t be a conference and I sincerely believe that conferences such as these make a huge contribution to shifting education along the right path. That’s the point to them isn’t it? We could all just sit online, read blogs, obsess over twitter and… not much good would really come. Instead, it takes that spark or chemical released by choosing to visit somewhere, meeting others, listening to earnest helpful speakers and consequently carrying a little torch of optimism away at the end.

Next I am organising #rEDRugby 2018… I will write properly about that shortly.



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